Five steps to the responsible sourcing of soy

The Soy Toolkit

The Soy Toolkit is designed to support companies in the responsible sourcing of soy.  It is an accessible guide to the many initiatives which aim to decouple soy production and trading from deforestation, conversion of native vegetation and human rights violations. 


The 5-Element Approach


The Soy Toolkit is structured around each of the five key elements of the soy responsible sourcing process.

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Element 1: Assess and plan implementation

Implementation plans consolidate the understanding of the strategy, steps, responsibilities and timeframes, allowing for monitoring progress and further reviews.


Risk analysis is a useful approach to support the prioritization of resources, to identify appropriate actions and to plan for interventions, especially for downstream companies.


In order to assess their performance as they implement the policies, companies will need to plan what will be requested from suppliers and develop and support implementation of an action plan to ensure suppliers are working towards meeting the sourcing policies.

ELEMENT 4: Establish a purchase control system

These systems outline what to do when a supplier performs below the desired level, including the conditions in which a supplier should be delisted, but also the conditions for reinstating a supplier after exclusion/suspension

ELEMENT 5: monitor, verify and report

It is important to monitor, verify and report progress both internally and externally, not only to track progress and review goals and strategies, but also to make the process transparent.


Briefing Notes and Discussion Papers

There are also cross-cutting briefings and discussion papers which aim to contribute to issues companies are dealing with when implementing their responsible sourcing policy commitments.

For each element, companies can:

  • Learn the steps needed for implementation

  • Discover which tools are available for each step

  • Learn how to choose which tool is right for them

  • See examples of how other companies performed each step


Download our briefing notes and discussion papers below


Get Involved

We are able to provide training and webinars for companies who need assistance with implementation of their responsible sourcing commitments for soy.




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The Soy Toolkit is developed by Proforest on behalf of the Good Growth Partnership, thanks to financial support from the Global Environment Facility through World Wildlife Fund.